Introduction to social anthropology

Dienstag, 07.12.2021

This course introduces students to questions, problems, perspectives and concepts that are fundamental to the discipline of Social Anthropology and to the various fields of interest with which the discipline is related.

The course is constructed around a series of classical and contemporary ethnographic texts and bodies of knowledge, and considers the way in which these relate theoretically to one another. Furthermore, the course teaches the basics of scientific analysis: reading, writing, debate, research using encyclopaedias of anthropological notions, and the critical appreciation of texts.

No separate registration is required to attend regular lectures/seminars.

Veranstaltungsart:Vorlesung/Seminar vor Ort
Dozierende(r): Sabrina Stallone, M.A.
07.12.2021:10:15 - 12:00
Ort:Raum: F011 (Keine Angabe)
0 36
3012 Bern

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