Die Kunst der Emotion

Dienstag, 07.12.2021

Happiness, Sadness, Fear, Anger... Since Antiquity, the emotional potential of art has been at the center of its appreciation, practice and instruction. The power of affect has traditionally considered as a criterion for appreciation and criticism and is today experiencing a renewed interest in the field of art history. Indeed, in terms of aesthetic reception, emotion constitutes a central paradigm of contemporary art and curatorial practices. How can we, as scholars deal with affect and empathy which are allegedly limited to the realm of artistic creation? How can the study of affect inform us about the effect it has on criteria and canons? What role does empathy play in giving a social value to art?

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Veranstaltungsart:Vorlesung/Seminar vor Ort
Dozierende(r): Prof. Dr. Peter Johannes Schneemann, Prof. Dr. Nadia Susanne Radwan
07.12.2021:14:15 - 16:00
Ort:Raum: HS 201 (Keine Angabe)
0 4
3012 Bern

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