Language and Creativity (FS BA Seminar Language and Linguistics)

Dienstag, 07.12.2021

To say something is 'creative' is, above all, to make a value judgement, and the value we assign to something by calling it 'creative' is not just a judgement about its formal qualities or the relative skill it took to make it. It's a judgement about its social worth, about its place within a particular moral universe. (Jones, 2018, p. 82) Linguistic creativity has been a longstanding topic of interest in sociolinguistics and discourse studies (aka sociocultural linguistics). More recently, the field has seen new and expanded conceptualizations of creativity. At the same time, creativity is also big business beyond academia, continuing to be an important issue in professional settings. But what does creativity mean? What makes language 'creative' or not? As Jones (quoted above) reminds us, invoking creativity always means making a value judgement; in other words, when people claim to be creative, they are positioning themselves, their words, and their work in particular and often strategic ways. In this seminar, we will look at language and creativity from a variety of scholarly traditions and theoretical perspectives. Following the development from 'linguistic creativity' to 'discursive creativity', we will examine creativity in a range of public and commercial settings (e.g., fine art and advertising) as well as in the contexts of everyday social interaction. Throughout, our goal will be to consider how the social meanings of creativity are shaped in/by language. We will ask not only What is 'creative'? but also Who is allowed to be creative? and Who gets to make these judgements? In addition to being introduced to different conceptual and analytical approaches to language and creativity, students will be asked to explore what creativity 'does' in their own small, data-driven projects.

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Veranstaltungsart:Vorlesung/Seminar vor Ort
Dozierende(r): Olivia Droz-dit-Busset and Lara Portmann
07.12.2021:08:15 - 10:00
Ort:Raum: F-122 (Keine Angabe)
0 36
3012 Bern

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