Variation in interaction (FM Seminar: Language and/as Interaction)

Dienstag, 07.12.2021

Speakers have more than one way of saying more or less the same thing. This course will examine the ways in which individual speakers vary their language according to the person he or she is speaking with, where they are speaking, what they are speaking about and according to the goals of the interaction. We will examine the choices that speakers make, ranging from subtle differences in the pronunciation of individual vowels to choices among whole languages by bilingual or multilingual speakers. We will also look at how individuals use language to construct social styles and identities and how speakers use language to align themselves with others or with certain stances or attitudes. Topics to be covered will include variation within the Labovian framework, Communication Accommodation Theory, Audience design, Politeness theory, Code-switching/Code-shifting and styling social identities.

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Veranstaltungsart:Vorlesung/Seminar vor Ort
Dozierende(r): Danielle Tod
07.12.2021:10:15 - 12:00
Ort:Raum: F-112 (Keine Angabe)
0 36
3012 Bern

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