Introduction to World Arts

Mittwoch, 05.12.2018

This seminar will introduce the students to the main concepts and theoretical approaches in the field of World Arts. Indeed, since the so-called “Global turn”, the discipline of art history has been faced with the challenge of including other geographical areas in its narrative, as well as of starting a dialogue with other disciplines. This course will explore the various methodologies and conceptual approaches of World Art studies by analyzing key readings in the fields of art history, philosophy, anthropology, as well as cultural and material studies. Looking at today’s art world, it will address the notions of circulations, global platforms and networks, as well as issues, such as gender, race and politics. The goal of the seminar is to encourage the students to discuss various theories and concepts in relation to specific case studies. The seminar is held in English and strongly encourages active participation of the students in discussions and critical reflections throughout the semester.

Dozierende(r): Prof. Dr. Nadia Susanne Radwan
05.12.2018:16:15 - 17:45
Ort: Institut für Kunstgeschichte
Mittelstrasse 43
3012 Bern
324, Seminarraum

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